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    2. 集團成員


      Group members

      MEGMEET Electrical India Pvt Ltd

      MEGMEET Electrical India Pvt Ltd

      MEGMEET Electrical India Pvt Ltd was founded in 2018. With its 3400 sqm facility in Gurgaon, MEI is capable of localized manufacturing of power and drive modules for air-conditioner OEMs in India. It would greatly improve the delivery terms and competitiveness of MEGMEET in the Indian home appliance market. MEI also has a professional team for the business of industrial welding equipment for both robotic and manual welding market, cooperating with major OEMs of industrial robot and various end


      • 聯系地址

        #140 Sector-7, IMT Manesar, Distt. Gurgaon 122001, Haryana INDIA

      • 聯系電話

        +86 13823107156

      • 客服電話